• Owners

    Are you considering renting out your house? Do you wish there was someone to take a good care of it and deal with the tenants? Do you own income properties?

    Property management company like NashDom Realty could offer you a solution and provide you with full service property management services from finding and screening tenants to rent collection, maintenance requests, reporting and accounting.

    To find out how our property management system can help you please fill out a no obligation

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  • Tenants

    At NashDom Realty we understand the importance of maintaining good relationships with our tenants. It is a key component of our continuous success in keeping our clients' properties occupied.

    Our relationship with tenants begins during showings of available properties for rent. We offer both private tours and open houses where no appointment is needed and everyone is welcome to come to see the property.

About Us

We are a fast growing eco-friendly property management company servicing Western Pennsylvania with offices in Erie and Pittsburgh. We put emphasis on building long-term relationship with property owners and tenants while using advanced technology in running paperless office.

We specialize in residential property management ranging from single family homes and multifamily income properties with 2-4 units to student housing buildings and HOAs.

NashDom Realty promotes sustainability and green principles, which begin with running a paperless office where all documents are scanned and stored online. All our tenants and owner-clients enjoys 24/7 access to their own online portals where all documents are always available for viewing and download along with any other information.

We are confident we can help you to maximize your returns by taking care of the property management for you or just give you a piece of mind that your properties and tenants are well cared for.

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