Joyce Miller

Olga is currently managing my office complex in Erie. She has been efficient in working with tenants and prospective renters, ensurig that the leases are all in place and current. She is also good in addressing tenant issues when they come up and keeping the tenants informed as to the policies and procedures related to their renting of the office space.

Erie, PA

Rudy G.

Two years ago I purchased 2 duplex properties through Olga in Erie, PA. She’s not only an agent but she also managed my 2 properties. She has kept my property full of tenant throughout these 2 years I had them. I am happy with her services.

Reseda, CA

Richard White, ROSHEND, LLC

I have purchased and will continue to purchase properties through Olga. She not only provided a buyer's agent position she also maintains the current property I own. Olga gives the best professionalism to my tenants and she covers all of their wants and needs...I look forward to viewing the new recommended property in July.

Yakov Reznikov

In 2007 I've purchased 49 units complex. Olga represented me as a buyer's agent. She was very helpful, courteous and professional helping me to navigate trough this transaction. As for out of state buyer her service helped me not only make right decision and negotiate the deal, but also do it with minimum stress and travel time.

Paul Savage

3 years ago, I purchased two duplexes site unseen ( I live in California) thru Olga. Outstanding service. I also wrote an offer on a 14 property portfolio in Erie and told Olga she was in the deal for 1/2 the fee. She did all the inspections telling me which properties needed roofs, etc, she also told me that in good conscious she could not advise me to buy the properties. That kind of integrity is pretty hard to find today.